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Do Your Bit for BUILD 2024 (General Donations)

Do Your Bit for BUILD 24 is our annual fundraising weekend when Members, Volunteers and Staff host their own fundraising events to show that we can help ourselves before we ask others for financial support. Read more

Dudley Dog Does his Bit for BUILD

Hi I'm Dudley Dog and I want you to sponsor me walking 57m for the BUILD Charity....please!!! Read by latest Dog-Blog about my adventures here. Read more

57 Race Mario Kart Stream

I volunteer for BUILD in the marketing, fundraising and events team and am also a board member. In working with them and meeting beneficiaries, I have seen first-hand the amazing work they do to help people with disabilities access the kind of social life most of us take for granted. Read more

Fynley's Housework

BUILD Member Fynley is taking on extra housework chores, and filming them to benefit not only her housemates, but also to show other people how to take care of their houses. Please support her with a donation. Read more

The Big BUILD Facebook Quiz

Co-Chair of the Board of Trustees Tim Taylor is arranging a Facebook based Quiz for you to join in on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st April as part of the Do Your Bit for BUILD fundraising weekend. Find Out more here. Read more

James' Grand National Competition

Chief Executive, James Kearns is well known for his love of horse racing so as part of the Grand National he is running "Pick a Winner " games putting up the prize money himself so all bets go straight to the DYB4B Appeal. Read more

5 Friends - 5 Things - 5 Pounds

Get together with 5 friends, do 5 things and collect £5 from each of them. It's as simple as that. Read more