Thank you so much for your support, we really appreciate you thinking of us!

Since 1967 we have been striving to make sure that having a disability is not a barrier to having friends and an active social life, of your choosing. Most of us take that for granted, we are so pleased that you have not.

Your donation means that we can continue to provide a range of social, leisure and learning opportunities for people with disabilities in Norfolk and supporting them to make informed choices whether to "take it or leave it" - just like we do every time an opportunity comes our way.

  • £25 covers the approximate cost of us recruiting and referencing a new volunteer, making sure that they are appropriate to work with vulnerable people.
  • £75 covers the cost of hiring a venue for our Skills for Life workshops that equip up to 8 people with disabilities with skills that aid increased independent living opportunities
  • £100 covers the cost of providing a volunteer with induction training, safeguarding and anti-radicalisation training as well as Disability Awareness training delivered by people with disabilities themselves to help others understand appropriate and effective levels of support.
  • £125 covers the cost of venue hire for one night for The Wednesday Club providing weekly social and leisure activities for around 40 people with disabilities.
  • £500 covers the cost of transport for a weekend trip to the Peak District, or other activity location, meaning that we don't have to pass that on to people with disabilities.

Thank you for making these things happen.