Hello!  My name is Dudley, and I am a two year old Golden Retriever. 

My Mum is Alison, who you may know as the Administration Officer for BUILD.  I have heard lots about the wonderful work of BUILD and its fantastic Members and Volunteers and hope, one day, to meet some of you. 

My favourite things are: 1) Walks!  2) Cuddles and 3) Food … although not necessarily in that order 😊.

Mum, Dad and I are going to try and “Do Our Bit for BUILD” by walking 57 miles in what is left of April and I would be very grateful if you could do a thing called “sponsor us”. 

I will update you regularly with interesting things I have seen or found on my walks.  I have lots of doggie friends in the area and so some of them may agree to a selfie or two with me.  Love and Hugs to you all in the meantime,  Dudley xxxx

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HERE'S THE LATEST DOG-BLOG FROM DUDLEY - our 57 mile walking fundraiser. Dear Friends, - Hope you all had a smashing weekend, everyone. Dad, Mum and I covered six miles across Saturday and Sunday and, along the way, I asked Mum to snap some interesting pictures to share with you.
Check out the BUILD Charity on Facebook for some great pictures. 
They include:
• A picture of me and one of my good friends. He’s a youngster, like me, and so always happy to have a game or two.
• A quick stop to look at the Daffodils.
• An interesting find today …. a lost mitten (I hope it and its owner are soon reunited).
• My favourite pig friend. I have suggested a run-around with her, and she seems keen, but Mum tells me it’s not the best of ideas.
• Dad and Me taking a breather.
• On one of our regular routes, I always select a “takeaway” stick which I carry home. This one was excellent!
• Me performing a “Breaking News” item … Do Your Bit for BUILD everyone!
• A cuddle with Geoffrey, my giraffe, after lots of walking
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