Getting ready for The Big Quiz for BUILD!
How does it work?
10 questions every hour from 08:00 to 12:00 then 7 questions at 13:00.
When are the questions posted?
The questions are posted on Saturday 20th April, here Big BUILD Facebook Quiz - April 2024
When are the answers posted?
The answers are posted on Sunday 21st April, here Big BUILD Facebook Quiz - April 2024
What kind of questions?
Mix of General Knowledge, Sport, Music, Geography etc. There are some multiple choice questions on every round in case you need to have a guess.
Can anyone have a go?
Yes!! We are asking for a £5 donation (or more if you’re able and would like to) to The BUILD Charity as part of BUILD’s annual fundraising event. You can make the donation by clicking DONATE  at the top of this page.
Are there prizes?
There are no prizes for this quiz, but we aim to bring a lot of fun and happiness to you for the weekend. That was my hope when writing the questions.