Take the "5 Things Challenge" as part of the BUILD Charity's "Do Your Bit for BUILD" fundraising weekend.  Here is how it works:

  1. Choose and contact 5 of your friends, family members, neighbours or work colleagues.
  2. Choose 5 things to do with your 5 friends. That might be walking 5 miles, swimming 5 lengths, making (and eating) 5 different cakes, host a 5 wine tasting evening, host a 5 course dinner, choose your 5 favourite books, or songs, or anything that links to the number 5.
  3. Collect £5 from each of your guests and donate it, online using the link beside, and if you are a tax payer don't forget the Gift Aid as this increases the value of your donation by 25%
  4. Tell your 5 friends all about the benefits of the BUILD Charity. They might want to join as a member, or volunteer their services, or make another donation.
  5. Send 5 Thank You messages to your supporters reminding them how important their support has been.

If every BUILD Member and Volunteer took and completed this challenge we would raise just under £3,000, so take the challenge and get raising your fivers!