Do Your Bit for BUILD (DYB4B) started in the 2020 Covid Pandemic where we, as a charity, recognised that if we wanted others to support us with funding we should show that we could help ourselves first. We recognised that if everyone did "their bit", then others would recognise that the old saying of "Charity begins at home" really meant something.

Three years later we pulled out the stops with nearly 30 people taking part in our Whitlingham Walkabout 56 Challenge, and other members, staff and volunteers taking part in activities ranging from a Car Washing service, Bell ringing, chutney making, and TV binge watching - all of which raised money for the BUILD Charity. We reveal the total amount raised so far at the end of this report.

Here are just some of the highlights with a gallery of pictures at the end of each report:

Whitlingham Walkabout 56 Challenge - We challenged our staff, members and volunteers to work as one team to complete 56 laps of the Whitlingham Broad during Sunday 2nd April. We smashed it with 68 laps of the route completed. (Different types of measuring device show each lap to be somewhere between 2.25 and 2.5 miles in distance).

It started with Trustee, Jeremy Tusting putting 5 laps on the board and was finished by Trustee, Liam Davison (with wife Becky and son Henry) finishing the last 3 laps on Sunday afternoon.

In between we saw some amazing achievements - BUILD Ambassador, and Volunteer, Mark Duffy, with wife Liz, and volunteer Theresa Hanbury and their friends clocked up 3 laps (7.75 miles) each, BUILD Member, Dean George completed 4 laps, (10 miles) with Chief Executive James Kearns completing 7 laps (17.5 miles) and Co-Chair of the Board of Trustees, Tim Taylor smashing his marathon equivalent target of 26 miles by clocking up 30 miles over his 12 laps completed.

Along the way, BUILD Members, Hayley Brickley, Tina Sidnell and Rose Ellen, all of whom have disabilities, overcame them to complete their laps with courage and determination. 

Other walkers on the day, who all "did their bit" with single or multiple laps included: Co-Chair of the Board of Trustees, Caroline Williams, with daughter Abbi and sister Jane, BUILD Charity's Finance Officer, May Taylor and her three children, Mike and Fran Forsdyke, Chris and Ruth Leeming, Maureen and Michele Savage, Gary and Maria Steward, and BUILD Charity volunteers Lisa Hamilton and Carla Turner (and their dogs!).

Many thanks to all those who walked, or supported those walking, including Volunteer, Carol and Staff Member, Tilly, who hosted the Check-in Desk.

Aaron's Bell Ringing - BUILD Member Aaron got special permission from St Catherine's Church in Mile Cross to ring their bells on Sunday morning and people sponsored him to "Do his bit for BUILD"


Fynley's TV Binge - BUILD Member Fynley seemed to have the coziest day as people sponsored her to binge watch TV. Every little helps.

Steph and Hannah's Chutney Sales - BUILD Members, Steph and Hannah, with support from Janet, made jars of caramelised onion chutney and pear and apple chutney which sold out in the day it was launched.


Martin's Car Washing Service - BUILD Member, Martin hosted a Car Washing Service in Dereham for friends and family.

A HUGE Thank You to everyone who "Did their Bit" or made a donation. One of the best comments we heard was someone who donated to support a walker, and said "I can't walk, so here's my donation so you can".

The total amount raised, was £5,047.57