We recently launched this new programme for the BUILD Charity and its beneficiaries. Applications have started to come in but we have extended the deadline to 5pm on Monday 29th March to open it up to a wider audience.  Taking opart and completing all sessions means you get get an IPad for free!

What is Re-BUILD and Connect? 

It’s a FREE programme of 15 x 2-hour workshops aimed at supporting adults with disabilities with re-adjusting and enhancing life, as we come out of the restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020-21.

Who is it for?

It is open to anyone with any disability aged 16 or over in Norfolk, with preference being given to people who are currently registered with the BUILD Charity, and those who cannot engage digitally. So even if you are not registered with the Charity now is the time for you to apply.

How will it work?

It will be delivered through Tuesday evening, OR Saturday morning sessions with 4 people in each group, supported by a Tutor and a voluntary support assistant. (Each workshop will conform to whatever social distancing guidelines are applicable at that time). People will remain in the same group from start to finish and will be expected to attend all workshops in the series. It will start with 3 skills sessions for people who have little, or no experience, of using a smartphone, tablet or laptop, (For those who do not have a tablet, we will loan one, which can be kept ONLY if the person completes the course). It will then support a journey through personal development and improved physical, mental and emotional health. Its programme will help to rebuild confidence, life-skills, motivation and digital skills and help improve people’s confidence and social engagement, towards potential volunteering or employment opportunities.

It helps people with disabilities not only upskill digitally but also to gain new skills and confidence to help them re-engage with their local communities.

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