"Do your bit for BUILD" is a fundraising challenge weekend taking place between Friday 16th and Sunday 18th April when people have been challenged to host a local fundraising activity, or challenge that can be supported by friends, family, neighbours or colleagues (within the social distancing rules that will apply at that time - rule of 6 outdoors).

  • Between Friday 16th April and Sunday 18th April we want to raise at least £5,000
  • We want people inside, or outside, the charity to organise fundraising activities
  • Activities must be compliant with UK Government guidance on social distancing (Rule of 6 outdoors, shops and Pub gardens open)
  • We will be rounding the weekend off with an on-line Big BUILD Quiz on the Sunday evening (7pm)

How it works

  • Think of a fundraising idea that you, and your household could do
  • Register your idea with the BUILD Charity and we will help you promote it, and send you a web-based donation link
  • Share your fundraising ideas with friends, neighbours, family and work colleagues telling them what you are doing, why, and how they can donate
  • “Do Your Bit” between Friday 16th and Sunday 18th April and watch the funds arrive on our website

How we will help you

We will provide you with:

  • A free fundraising guide to help you develop some ideas of an activity you could host, and a planning guide - here BUILD Charity Fundraising Guide
  • Information about the Charity to share with your supporters
  • Promote your event through our social media channels and on our website
  • Thank your supporters, and you, for the contributions we all make

Here are some ideas

  • A “54” Challenge – do something that relates to the number 54, or 5.4 or 540 linked to the fact that this is the BUILD Charity’s 54th anniversary.
  • Donate £5.40, £54 or try and raise £540
  • Make a digital mini-cookbook – put together a digital recipe book of your favourite meals at the weekend (2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 evening meals) and sell copies to your contacts.
  • Make a “Rule of 6” cake with 6 slices (or multiples) and sell it to friends or neighbours, or sell virtual slices on your social media account.
  • Even if you can't arrange an activity you can still donate to show your support

What are other people doing?

  • “The Board Walk” – Our 5 Trustees have pledged to walk, or run a a relay of 54 miles and get sponsored. The Board Walk - explained
  • Lola the Dog – (who lives with Volunteer, Carol) has pledged to walk 5.4 Km/miles and get sponsored by her human friends.
  • Volunteer Chloe and her fiancé Xander will be taking on a 54 mile cycle ride along the Marriott’s Way.
  • Beneficiary Steph is making a “Latch Hook Rug” to be auctioned off.
  • Volunteer Tilly is inviting donations to BUILD in lieu of 21st birthday presents
  • Supporter Maureen has been making some craft items to sell
  • Volunteer Sarah is planning a 54 hour sponsored silence!!
  • Beneficiary Dean will be painting 54 metres of his aunt’s fence and donating his £150 fee to the BUILD fundraising weekend
  • Beneficiary Martin will be doing a sponsored trike ride around Dereham
  • Beneficiary Jake, and his friends in his Residential Care Home will be cycling laps on their bikes
  • Beneficiary Luke will be running for 7 days close to his home
  • Beneficiary Georgia is doing 54 sit ups in 5 minutes plus other gym activities
  • Beneficiary Ben is doing a 5.4 mile walk around the hospital where he volunteers
  • Beneficiaries Claire and Simon will go running together
  • Volunteer Catherine will be running 54 miles during April and hosting a Cake Sale
  • Beneficiary Hannah will be doing 540 gym squats
  • Volunteer Jeremy will be walking a Marathon
  • Chief Executive James has pledged to organise and host the Big BUILD Quiz on the evening of Sunday 18th April with each household being asked to donate at least £5 to take part.

Next Steps

  • Contact us through our [email protected] e mail address with your ideas and to find out more.
  • To support any of our fundraising challenges Donate Here