Do Your Bit For BUILD (DYB4B) started as a fundraising weekend where those who use, or support our services demonstrated that we can help ourselves raise money before we ask others to help.

Over the last three years it has grown and we raised over £5,000 in 2021 through a variety of events including a sponsored "Board Walk" by our Trustees, a 54 mile cycle ride by volunteers and a fence painting activity by one of our members with disabilities.

In 2022 we are setting a theme of "55" linked to our 55th anniversary. So you could do a sponsored activity for 55 minutes, walk, swim, cycle or horse-ride 5.5 miles, bake and sell 55 cakes or anything you can link to the number 55 or 5.5.

If you want to donate, and support someone who is doing a challenge, scroll down and make your donation.

If you want to get involved and help us raise money with your own event - read on...

Five Friends – Five things – Five Pounds

  • Contact 5 friends (or family members), meet up and do 5 things or travel 5 miles, and ask each to donate £5 to the BUILD Charity
  • It could be meeting for a 5 course meal, a drink in a pub, 5 challenges, or a country walk for 5 miles, make something in 5 flavours, clean 5 cars for 5 friends –  your imagination is the only limit.

Tim’s 50 x 5 Charity Challenge

  • Volunteer Tim is approaching 50 people in his contacts and challenging each of them to walk, run or cycle 5 miles and either get sponsored or donate a minimum of £5 each to support the BUILD Charity
  • To support Tim donate HERE 

Dean's IOU Challenge

  • BUILD Member Dean is doing odd jobs for friends and family in return for donations as IOU's for his work
  • To support Dean donate here HERE 

Julie's Sponsored Bike Ride

  • BUILD Member Julie will be cycling 15.5km and collecting sponsorship
  • To support Julie donate HERE 

Sarah's 5 Star Neighbourhood Party

  • Volunteer Sarah is hosting 5 of her neighbours and collecting donations for her hospitality
  • To support Sarah donate HERE 

Hayley's Cupcake Sale

  • BUILD Member Hayley is baking cupcakes and selling them to friends and family
  • To support Hayley donate HERE 

Carol and Lola Dogs Post Covid Coffee Morning

  • Volunteer Carol and her dog Lola normally do a sponsored dog walk but Covid has scuppered their plans so they intend to arrange a post-Covid Coffee morning when they can.
  • To support them donate HERE 

Ben's Hospital Walk

  • BUILD member Ben is walking 5.5m around the Norfolk hospital where he volunteers
  • To support Ben donate HERE 

Emily's Exercise Bike Ride

  • BUILD Member Emily is cycling 5.5 miles on her exercise bike
  • To support Emily donate HERE 

The 55 Themed Zoom Quiz

  • Join Chief Executive, James, on the evening of Sunday 3rd April for a special Sunday @7 Zoom Quiz when we will have 55 questions across themed rounds
  • Each answer will have a link to the number 5 or 55
  • And it will cost £5.50 to take part
  • “buy” the joining link by donating HERE  

If you want to do your own activity here is how to take part:

Decide what your activity is going to be

  1. Tell us about it so we can add it to our list of activities (We might even get 55 activities)
  2. Organise your activity and tell your family, friends, colleagues and neighbours
  3. Let them donate and leave messages via our dedicated donation page (scroll down below)
  4. Make sure what you do is safe, legal and respectful to others

If you need more information please contact DYB4B to talk through your idea or for help in promoting it.

Thank you, good luck and get going!! 

Please donate whatever you can BELOW and leave a message for the person you are sponsoring or supporting.