As the Board of Trustees at The BUILD Charity we believe in leading by example, so when our Chief Executive introduced the "Do Your Bit For BUILD" fundraising weekend, we naturally thought we have to do something.

After discussion we agreed to do a "Board Walk", with each Trustee (there are only 5 of us!) covering part of a 54 mile route, covering a mile for every year that this great charity has delivered social, leisure and learning opportunities for people with disabilities in Norfolk. The route will be covered through a combination of walking, cycling and running. We have "mixed abilities" within the Board, but we recognise that our beneficiaries face greater physical challenges than us, so we will be putting our best efforts in to "Doing our Bit for BUILD".

Funds raised from this, and a wide range of other activities over the weekend of 16th - 18th April, will help us support the BUILD Charity to continue to deliver around 300 social, leisure and learning activities, in our local communities, making sure that people with disabilities can enjoy the kind of social life that we mostly take for granted, and making sure that having a disability in Norfolk doesn't mean having to be different.

Please sponsor us, and give what you can - we will be earning it, and our beneficiaries will deserve it and together we thank you for your support.

Sophie Peek  Ken Munro  Ceri Theobald  Tim Taylor  Tracey Aldous