Donating through our "Do your bit for BUILD" challenge weekend will help us to continue to do what we have been doing for 54 years, and everyday throughout the Coronavirus lockdowns - supporting people with disabilities, in Norfolk, to access social, leisure and learning opportunities.

These are the kind of opportunities that most of us take for granted, but which for people with disabilities are often out of reach, out of their confidence zone, or off their radar.

At the BUILD Charity, we support people to become a confident and constructive part of their local community.


Supporting a friend or family member, a neighbour or colleague who has taken up our challenge this weekend? - It might be one of these activities being arranged by our beneficiaries or volunteers:

  • Carol and Lola's Dog Walk,
  • Sarah's sponsored silence,
  • Steph's Rug Sale,
  • Maureen's Crafts,
  • Dean's fence painting,
  • Martin's Trike Ride 
  • Tilly's 21st birthday donations
  • Jake and Friends' bike ride
  • Luke's seven day run
  • Georgia's 54 Sit Ups, 5.4 mins on a pedal machine and 54 seconds of leg raising challenge
  • Ben's Hospital Walk
  • Claire and Simon's local run
  • Hannah's 540 gym squats
  • Catherine's 54 miles run during April supported by a Cake Sale
  • Volunteer Jeremy will be walking a Marathon
  • Click the DONATE button and feel free to reference the person you are supporting in your donation comments.

Supporting our Board of Trustees in their BoardWalk? - follow this link to Donate The BUILD BoardWalk 2021

Supporting Chloe and Xander's Marathon Cycle Ride? - follow this link to Donate Chloe & Xander's Marathon Bike Ride

Joining in the Big BUILD On-line Quiz at 7pm on Sunday 18th April? - Click the The Big BUILD Virtual Quiz 2021 Make sure you include an email address as part of your donation so that we can use it to send you the link to join.

However you are supporting us -Thank you - your donation will make a big difference.